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The book of Hebrews opens with a stirring declaration of how Jesus is greater. He is greater than God’s previous revelation in the Old Testament. He is greater than all things in the universe. He is greater than spiritual beings. He is greater than the greatest prophet, Moses. He is greater than the Temple. He is greater than the Sabbath. He is greater than any other sacrifice. He is greater than everything else. Hebrews declares that Jesus is Greater! Because Jesus is greater, we are called to greater allegiance. We are called to hold fast to the hope we profess because the one who we follow is Greater! We must not turn away or walk away from Jesus, but instead cling tightly to Jesus because he is Greater!
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Greater: 09/01/19

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God’s people lived for 70 years in a culture that told them there God was nothing and had no power. In response, God sent the prophet Isaiah to give them a word of comfort. He told them about the Servant of Yahweh whom God would send.



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