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Relationships happen in the overlaps of life. We meet people when our lives overlap at church, the gym, work, our kids’ schools and other places. In those overlaps, we build relationships. God wants us to build relationship as our lives to overlap with his, with each other and with our community!




For The Community: 07/14/19
With The Church: 07/07/19
By Grace: 06/30/19
In Christ: 06/23/19

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Rugged people who demonstrate bold, authentic and courageous faith. The Bible is filled with stories of rugged people who lived out a rugged faith. Join us as we explore these stories!



Hosea: 06/16/19
Elisha: 06/09/19
Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah: 06/02/19
Benaiah: 05/26/19
Hannah: 05/12/19