Men’s Ministry


A Men’s ministry needs to be:
* God honoring
* Scripturally based
* Serve the needs of others as we are able
* Always Love One More!
To achieve this, we have named the men’s group “Brothers of Nehemiah.” 
Nehemiah was a Godly man who stepped up to rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem.
* He was God honoring
* His story is scripturally based
* He served the needs of others
The Men’s Ministry holds an average of one gathering monthly, whether it’s for prayer breakfast or a social event
involving the church body.  These men’s events can be an excellent opportunity to ask friends, relatives, neighbors,
co-workers and others to come, meet, and talk in a non-threatening way.  Check the EVENTS page for information
on upcoming events! 
In addition, the Men’s Ministry strives to be of service as often as possible.  To that end, as a group we plan various
work projects with the Building Committee around the church and help with service projects in other areas as well.
The person needing help might be a church member, relatives, or members of the community.
We invite all men, including single, married, young or old to participate.  Getting to know one another as brothers
in Christ is high on our priority list.  we encourage you to become a Brother of Nehemiah, as we all learn and grow
to “Love One More!”
For more information on the Men’s Ministry, please contact Greg Davis at 880 – 8303.