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But have you stopped to listen to the songs these radio stations play? They are classic Christmas tunes, but they mostly sing about Santa, snow, family, winter, love and sleigh rides. These songs speak about the season, but they are missing something. They all carry the longing of hope that Christmas brings but they aren’t sure where to find it. I hear the question they ask, where can I find hope? Is hope found in Santa Claus, in family coming together or in a holiday celebration?  The sound the season sings of is the sound of hope that  is found in Jesus. He came to bring us hope. Hope that we are not forgotten, that we are not alone, and that tomorrow can be better. Hope that our lives can change and that God loves us. This year as we celebrate Christmas, we are going to listen for the sound of the season, the sound of hope.
Happy Christmas (War Is Over): 12/10/17
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: 12/3/17


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Have you ever felt like where you are is not where you belong? You have a nagging sense that there is something more that you are missing. In 1 Peter, we get a glimpse of why that is. We are living in exile, the place we are is not the place we belong. Join us as see how to live as exiles longing for the place where we truly belong.


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