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Drawing on five powerful practices found in Jesus’ ministry, HERO MAKER presents practical strategies to multiply your influence in the kingdom of God. Whether you lead a family, a team, a group, or a business, HERO MAKER will help you become the leader God created you to be—a leader who brings change into our world by sacrificially investing in others.
Thinking Like A Hero Maker: 11/04/18
God Is Love (Rick Rutter): 10/28/18
Hero Maker: 10/21/18

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The atmosphere of many churches tends to suffocate the tough questions and denounce the doubts. To face this head on, we are starting a six-week series called Room For Doubt that seeks to change that.  An underlying premise of this series is that it’s okay to ask questions, and even express doubts, about the Christian faith.  At the same time, we want to offer some compelling considerations for the hope provided by the message of Christ. Our prayer is that this will deepen the conviction and witness effectiveness of Christian believers, address the concerns of those who have doubts about their faith, and offer a plausible and persuasive case to those who are skeptical. The series will cover six crucial questions that should create many opportunities for candid and constructive discussions. 
Isn’t It Intolerant To Say That Jesus Is The Only Way?: 10/14/18
Why Does God Allow Tragedy And Evil?: 10/07/18
Why Do Christians Say That Jesus Is God’s Son? 09/30/18
Is the Bible Reliable? 09/23/18
Does God Really Exist? 09/16/18
Is Doubt Always Bad?: 09/09/18