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Every summer, we pack the movie theaters to see the latest blockbusters. We are entertained and captivated by the stories of heroes and villians, of love and loss and of laughter and tears. Stories teach us truths so join us as we explore some popular movies and what they want to teach us.


Toy Story: 08/13/17
It’s A Wonderful Life: 08/06/17
The Force Is With You: 07/30/17

I Am Lighting: 07/23/17

The Beast: 07/16/17
As You Wish: 07/09/17




Previous Series:

Authentic. Real. Genuine. How do we live authentic lives in the our world? John writes to a group of people in need of encouragement and he gives a call to be authentic. Join as we explore how to live authentic lives today!



Authentic Hospitality: 06/25/17
Authentic Parents: 06/18/17
Authentic Disciple: 06/11/17
Authentic Spirit: 05/28/17
Authentic Love: 05/14/17
Authentic Obedience: 05/07/17
Authentic Holiness: 04/30/17
Authentic: 04/23/17