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Our modern medium of storytelling is the Big Screen. Every summer, millions of people go out to see the latest blockbuster about a team of superheroes, dinosaurs run amok, roguish scoundrels or a natural disaster. These movies tell the story that we want ourselves to live. The story of the hero who saves the day. The story of redemption paying for past sins. The story of the common person responding to an incredible situation with courage and tenacity. We watch these stories because they speak to our heart. They call us to be more than ordinary. They call us to take up the mantle of hero in our everyday lives. This Summer, we are going to look at some popular movies and see the story they are calling us to live. Join us as we see the stories being told At The Movies!  
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: 08/12/19
Extraordinary God, Extraordinary Time: 08/05/18
The Polar Express: 07/29/18
Despicable Me: 07/22/18
Big: 07/15/18
The Incredibles: 07/08/18

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Who doesn’t love a good road trip? To hit the open road encountering people and places along the way creates a bond not soon forgotten. In the New Testament, we have a book of the Bible that is essentially the account of a group of road trips. The last half of the book of Acts is the account of Paul’s numerous missionary journeys where he and some friends traveled all over the Roman world to start churches. But no matter where they went, they shared the good news of Jesus and lives were changed. We are each supposed to be like Paul, to go where the Gospel takes us to tell people about God’s love revealed in Jesus. 
Shipwrecked: 07/01/08
End of the Road: 06/24/18
Off the Road: 06/17/18
The Hard Road Continues: 06/10/18
The Hard Road: 06/03/18
Rules of the Road: 05/27/18
Teen Challenge: 05/20/18
Share the Road: 05/13/18
Eyes on the Road: 05/06/18
Bumps on the Road: 04/29/18
A Fork in the Road: 04/22/18
Hazards on the Road: 04/15/18

Road Trip: 04/08/18


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Have you ever noticed the magnetic force of Jesus in the Gospels? Jesus had an uncanny ability to draw some people close to him and to repel others. In Luke 15, Luke tells us that tax collectors and sinners were gathering around Jesus. They were being drawn to him. So many of these people gathered around Jesus that the teachers of the Law (those everyone expected Jesus to attract) muttered that he “welcomes sinners and eats with them.” Jesus elevated the lost and broken. He welcomed them into his family.  At Londonderry Christian Church, we are here to love one more. We are here to embody the magnetic love of Jesus. We are here to welcome sinners and eat with them. Over the next nine weeks, we will be looking at what it means to Love Like Jesus. We hope to cultivate his magnetic love and draw people to Jesus!
Unexpected Love: 04/01/18
Joyful Love: 03/25/18
Healing Love: 03/18/18
Merciful Love: 03/11/18
Peaceful Love: 03/04/18
Connecting Love: 02/25/18
Graceful Love: 02/18/18
Loving Like Jesus: 02/04/18


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We are kicking the year 2018 off with a new series called Love It! We are going to spend the first few weeks of the New Year looking at our lives and reflecting on what God wants to do in them in this new year! God’s work in and through Londonderry Christian is moving and leading us to love one more, so we need to not just live our lives but to love them and to love what God is doing in them! I can’t wait to see how God will use us in 2018 to share his amazing love with more people in our community! May our resolution for 2018 be to love one more! To God be the Glory as we love one more in 2018!  
Love Your Community: 01/21/18
Love Your Family: 01/14/18
Love Your Life: 01/07/18